Pacific Coast Highway Bike Trip – Day 3

Pacific Coast Highway Bike Trip – Day 3

Thornhill Broome State Beach Campground to Venice Beach
Distance – 36.59 Miles
Elevation Gain – 884ft
Average Speed – 8.7 mph
Duration – 4:48:50

Day 3 winds were rough again, but we were able to enjoy the scenery of Malibu, Santa Monica and Oxnard before arriving at Venice Beach. Climbing those hills against the wind has to be one of the most challenging things we have done together. It was an amazing experience to add to our family timeline. <3

When we woke up, the winds were bad but the sunrise was STELLAR! We packed up and got out of the state beach as quickly as we could, in order to get started for the day. No showers at Thornhill so packing up was quick. We had to go 12 miles before reaching civilization (a.k.a. Starbucks). We took a nice long break, had some nibbles and coffee, charged our electronics and then set out again. The caffeine boost was just what we needed to get through the ride today. So much beauty in those climbs and so much wind! There weren’t many playgrounds on today’s route so we had to get creative and play games when we did stop.

Arriving in Venice Beach, we decided to grab a hotel for some comfortable beds and showers. We chose to stay at the Cadillac Hotel on the boardwalk. It’s a super cute and edgy little boutique hotel. The rooms are minimalistic and sleek with open windows and a view of the ocean.

As day 3 came to a close, I was relaxing and reflecting on the trip thus far… it was turning out to be an EPIC adventure and fueled my desire to begin planning our next trip as soon as we returned home.



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