The more knowledge I gain, the more I understand the impact of attitude on life and everything around it. Attitude is one of those remarkable things in our everyday lives and this is why: Every single day when we wake up, WE HAVE A CHOICE regarding the attitude we embrace for that day. Life has so many aspects that afford us absolutely no control; entities such as time, weather, others around us, and so on will continue on whether we are ready or not; but the wonderful thing about attitude… it can propel us forward or it can knock us back. Our only limitations, if you think about it, are our own minds and attitudes. We cannot change the inevitable so why not make it wonderful?


Attitude can assist or derail us in every aspect of life; success in education, wealth, health, and so on depends more on attitude than anything else. Positivity is key when success is on the table. Hard work, determination, perseverance, and excellence in everything we attempt to accomplish require, yet simultaneously reproduce, winning attitudes… positivity breeds more positivity.


Our attitude can be more important than facts, our pasts, education, money, circumstances, failures, successes, or even what others do and/or think of us. Unless someone has invented a time machine that I am unaware of, we cannot change the past so why dwell in it? Last time I checked, regret was a negative emotion that never helped anyone. The way I see it, regret is the rejection of personal responsibility. Why regret a past decision? It was the desired action at the time, correct? It had also produced momentary happiness, did it not? If the after effects created negative feelings, then this is what you do: reflect on the situation and understand why it only produced a minimal interim of happiness; take responsibility for your actions in the matter (IMPORTANT: this is not to say that victims are responsible for the actions of those who victimized them, I am only conveying my opinions on situations that we as individuals had full control over); take steps to avoid a future repeat and allow yourself to get over it; you absolutely must let go of the past in order to move on. Once we take responsibility for our actions and accept the fact that we must learn from experience, regret simply disappears and life becomes simplified. We cannot change the inevitable… life is 10% what happens to us but a whopping 90% of how we react to it so… use everything as a learning experience whether it produced positive or negative results. Positive outcomes = acceptable for repeats; negative outcomes = reflection and understanding of why, followed by steps of action to avoid a similar outcome again in the future.



The only facet of life that we have any control over is our attitude… Make it a GREAT attitude and enjoy your life. Why simply accept life as it is when you can proactively make it AMAZING? We get the special gift of experiencing this current life and I believe we should make it worth living. Attitude is contagious… surround yourself with people who make you happy, people who make you laugh so hard that you forget anything negative… you simply forget the bad and focus solely on the good 🙂 Why spend life sad or angry when happiness is unpretentious and unfettered? You will ultimately be a stronger person tomorrow than you are today so take a deep breath and let it go. Experience makes you who you are… embrace it.


Attitude… I believe this is the driving force behind our survival. Winston Churchill said, “Never never never give up.” The letters in HOPE = Have Only Positive Expectations… it reminds me of a phrase I saw on brotips; The word HATERS = Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success… sounds like an attitude problem to me.


Would you rather be a hater or an ACHIEVER? It’s all in your attitude 🙂

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