10 Reasons Why Change is Valuable

10 Reasons Why Change is Valuable

zahira schmidt

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor is it the most intelligent that survives… It is those who prove to be the most adaptable to change that will survive, conquer, and dominate unchallenged.

Charles Darwin was onto something when he referenced adaptability. Change is the common denominator in all things that utilize progress whether positive or negative, and thus, change inevitably leads to constant innovation and inspiration.

The following are simply my top 10 reasons CHANGE is intelligent and extremely valuable. Feel free to add your favorite reasons as to why change is always a beginning in the comments.Thoughts of positivity are always welcomed and cherished.

You should always strive to be a part of change. Participating in the momentum of enrichment and enhanced cognitive development undoubtedly cultivates intelligence.

    • Without change, there is no forward motion. Forward motion is necessary for progress because if there is no motion, then you are stagnant and motionless.. in that case, you might as well be moving backwards… why would anyone desire the opposite of progress?
    • Change allows the opportunity of new knowledge to be available for assimilation, calculation, and the opportunity for our basic cognitive processes to result in perception, learning, and reasoning.
    • Change presents a new opportunity at every pass… EMBRACE it, grow with it, and learn everything you can from it. Opportunity is the expedition of possibility and favorable conditions with forward momentum towards ultimate goal attainment.
    • The most important thing change does? (DRUMROLL) It forces each and every one of us to learn how to adapt. Adaptability skills are the essence of survival… by improving our adaptability skills, we improve our position in life and our chances of ultimate survival. By learning to adapt, we develop valuable skills to be harnessed in the prevention of stagnation and decline.
    • Change does not necessarily force us, but it unquestionably mitigates and promotes our capacity for personal growth. Every time we are faced with a different task, obstacle, issue, problem, etc., we learn and grow from the experience. Growth is vital in order to flourish and thrive.
    • Change teaches us how to be flexible. Flexibility is key in any hurdle we are presented. It is less daunting to accept change than it is to resist it… why resist change? Whether the results produced are positive or negative, a valuable life lesson will always be there for you to reference in the off-chance, or likely possibility, that you face a scenario with a fairly general resemblance… Build your arsenal of expertise, references, and experiences.
    • Change has the amazing ability to develop our inner and personal strength. Each learning experience builds upon other learning experiences to build a solid foundation for us to stand confidently upon. The more we each solidify our foundations with new knowledge, the stronger we each become as independent individuals prepared to face whatever chooses to stand in our way.
    • As we develop our inner and personal strength, change helps improve our core beings. Challenges develop and build character, a most cherished and esteemed quality found in successful individuals.
  9. FRESH
    • Change, as simple and obvious it may seem, keeps life fresh! Change helps break up and dissipate the mundane. Who on earth desires a monotonous existence? Nobody, who proactively approaches life and its challenges or gifts, would scoff at the idea of keeping life fresh and alive. (fresh + alive = change)
    • Change breeds inspiration and produces unmatched creativity. To use a silly example: MacGyver! All the ingenuity we have all come to love and adore in the series were irrefutably the product of a change in whatever situation the hero seemed to find himself in 🙂

Change is life’s way of teaching us how to learn because after all, learning is the essence of growing, and growth essentially, is the essence of life itself… So LIVE, LEARN, ADAPT, & INSPIRE new and wonderful inventions and inspirations! BE AWESOME! BE GREAT! WIN!!

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