I call her Princess

I call her Princess

My daughter has an amazing soul. Outside of being incredibly clever and witty, she is the kindest and sweetest 5yr old I know. I call her “Princess”, and for several reasons. However, I have noticed some funny reactions to calling her that, and I had to understand why.

What is a REAL Princess? A real princess is not what we all see in our children’s animated movies. Unfortunately, that is the stereotype most envision when the word “Princess” is used. I am not calling her a princess, in the Disney sense, who needs to be rescued or needs to grow up. I truly disagree with how a princess is depicted in most movies/shows… there are , of course, exceptions.

A real princess is a lady. She is sophisticated, intelligent, polite, and a good leader. The actual point of a princess is leadership and diplomacy, and my little lady understands that. She understands that, to be a princess, one must conduct herself with grace and respect. She truly is a graceful, intellectual and feminine young lady, and I am proud of how hard she works every day. Keep it up, baby girl. ❤️

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